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Reduced contact center cost for multiple language support and training and enabled availability of information on the go

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Value Proposition

Today's customers expect a new standard experience  that is fast, simple, accurate, seamless, and personalized. Conversational AI enables the processing of information faster and more accurately than humans, 24x7 availability, and finding insights and communicating information in a way that delivers the enriched experience that customers desire. For companies, Conversational AI provides instant customer interactions at scale.

When implemented as part of a well executed omni-channel strategy, this will unlock competitive advantage by enabling push and pull of the right information at the right time – to customers across the entire customer journey.


Value Unlock

Conversational AI does not only bolster customer experience but also provides business benefits

Enhanced customer experience

Simple conversational interface, instant round the clock availability, and multilingual support result in greater value delivery to customers whereas clearer insight into customer preferences helps companies create a more personalized experience

Call center cost reduction

Enables resolution of a large number of queries and reduction in call center requests thus resulting in reduced agent headcount, limited call center training costs and higher agent productivity which translates to >30% cost reduction

Revenue Growth

Provides an additional channel to resolve queries, hence supporting business in their growth while parallelly enabling it via an increase in customer satisfaction

Accelerated value realization

56% of customers have registered a significant CSAT increase in just 1-3 months since conversational AI implementation

Our Solution

Technical Accelerators


Our trademark connector and reusable asset library is built leveraging deep domain knowledge and technical expertise to accelerate development time

D3 implementation framework

3-stage self-service platform implementation framework to accelerate the discovery of requirements, demonstration of POC and delivery of the solution.

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